octubre 15, 2017



I want to share with you a little about me, my business and my clients so you know who I am when engaging my professional services. I was born in Mexico, but have been in Denver for 25 years so I consider myself Denver native. At a personal level I also was put in a situation where I had to take care of my new born nephew 3 years ago. Due to several circumstances, I was awarded full custody of him and that brought another perspective in my life. I love my little Diego to dead and feel “fired up “when he calls me “papa”. I would never change that experience for nothing on this earth. I will always love you my “son” and will be here for you.

I can connect easily with most people and have a passion for photography so this is why I started Diego Carrillo photography 7 years ago. It has been an exciting journey to evolve as the photographer that I am right now. I liked photography since my childhood, but did not have the means to get a good camera. When I had the opportunity to get a hold of one, it triggered my enthusiasm tremendously that I had to take classes here at a college, privately with my mentor and also a couple summers in Mexico for a Digital Photography Diploma. The best advice I got was practice, practice, practice and never stop learning. All of this brought me to who am I now in the field of professional photography. However, I am always looking to progress and currently I am taking a couple courses in advance lighting and storytelling. As a side note I am privileged to have an excellent mentor, friend and colleague, thanks Guillermo Muñoz.

I started covering events and then a few modeling, family, etc sessions until I was asked to do my first Quinceañera. I enjoyed being part of a Quinceañera’s dream to capture those special and unique moments and that became my passion. I also had the opportunity to start shooting for weddings and it was also very exciting because of the rush of having to capture everything as it was happening. I still do photography for individuals, family, seniors, etc as it where I started and feel comfortable creating unique images as well.

I have a promise I will keep which is offering affordable photography services to all of my clients because I know economy is not at his best and I want to deliver excellent value. In order to accomplish this I have created a team of 12 people to work with me and deliver exceptional value for my client’s investments. In my team each one specializes in something such as another photographer that I trust, vide editors, album design and management. This recipe is working great although it creates a lot of work to keep the team consistent with the same goal, value and excitement.

Photography has evolved in the last few years and I know I have delivered excellent results for my customers, but we also pride on our video services as they are truly unique and very personal. I guarantee anyone that the level of personalization on films is not being offered or rarely offered in the Denver’s market. Why? Because it takes tremendous amount of time to create video beyond the typical. Professional video and photography services starts at low 1 thousands which is something that not anyone can deliver for the type of professional work we perform. I will share more in future blogs about the mentioned. We do differentiate from the rest and our services are unique as we get to know our clients at a more personal level due to the many times we get together and interact before and after the event.

I can continue bragging about Diego Carrillo Photography, but better yet, please contact me to know more and corroborate the dedication of our team, the quality and personalization of our services at very affordable prices for your investment. We will be pleased to show you our latest work and why we are different.